21st International Conference
on Bacilli and Gram-Positive Bacteria

June 14–17, 2022
Prague, Czech Republic

Registration Info & Conference Fees

Registration will open on 15 February and will be closed on 15 March with no extension of this time window. Upon registration, your invoice will be sent to you, payable within two weeks. The conference will be limited to 280 participants.

Conference fee

  • Student/postdoc: 10,000 CZK
  • PI/senior scientist: 11,500 CZK
  • Non academic: 13,000 CZK

Certificate of Attendance will be available upon request from the organizers at the Conference.

Registration Guidelines

Filling in the on-line Registration Form

Please follow the recommendations at the beginning of each step of the online registration

  • Pay attention to filling in your email address and billing data correctly.
  • European Union participants: do not forget to include the VAT number, see details below.
  • The system will display a Registration Summary. There will be a possibility (using an Edit button) to go back to edit the data. If all is OK, you then submit the registration.
  • Do not use the “Back”/“Go to the previous page” button in your browser while filling in and after submitting the Registration Form. The same applies to Abstract Submission.
  • After submission, a Registration Summary containing your Registration ID, Registration PIN and all registration data will be sent automatically to your e-mail address.

Filling in the on-line Abstract Submission Form

  • We recommend to immediately continue with Abstract Submission (it can also be done at a later time point but not later than March 15).
  • Each participant may submit only one abstract.
  • To start Abstract Submission, you will need the Registration ID and PIN from the Summary e-mail to log in into the system. The submission form is structured and the length of the text of the abstract should not exceed 2,100 characters.
  • You will have the option to apply either for a talk or poster presentation.
  • Supported by BACIP, “Young Student Award” for the best Poster and Lecture of a young scientist (age below 35) will be selected during the Conference. If you are eligible and want to participate, check the relevant box.

If you need submit or update your abstract, please contact the conference secretariat.


After the registration is completed and processed, you will receive an e-mail with attached invoice plus instructions. As the method of payment, bank transfer is the only option, the invoice contains all the required information. For technical reasons, payment by credit cards is not possible. As a Variable Symbol, use your Registration ID. Make the payment within two weeks. Only a paid registration will be considered valid. If you do not receive the invoice within a few days, contact us at gram-pos-2022@biomed.cas.cz. The registration fee can be paid prior to Abstract submission.

Cancellation policy

In the unfortunate case when the conference will have to be cancelled due to the epidemiological situation, we will return part of your registration fee to your bank account, depending on the date of cancellation.

  • If cancelled before 21 May, we will return 90 % of the registration fee (10 % are manipulation and bank transfer fees).
  • If cancelled after 21 May, we will return 50 % of the registration fee.

The same cancellation policy applies also if you cancel for your own reasons.

Notes on the VAT number

Participants from EU Member States whose organisation is subject to VAT must indicate the relevant VAT number. If you are not sure about this, please ask your accounting department. Check the VAT number on the VIES website or by using the form below. The VIES database may be unavailable for maintenance purposes in some hours (see help). On the registration form, please enter the name and address of your organisation in the same way as the VIES database shows.

Verify your VAT number in the VIES database

Country code
National VAT number w/o country code